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Friday, June 10, 2011


I found some great charity apps while browsing through the apple app store, and I recommend them to everyone. Probably my favorite app, 60+ is an app created by WWF. This app shows you a list of "Acts" which are different things you can do to help the environment, save energy, and save animals. Every time you finish an act you get a badge and its added to your profile page that keeps up with all the acts you've done. It also has tips you can do everyday. Another great app is called Touch to Give. Everyday you can tap one of the three charity options to donate to. The breast cancer charity, animal charity or the hunger charity. When you tap it one of their many sponsors donates some money to the cause. After you've taped it, it comes up with other great websites where you can sign petitions, e-mail senators and other things to help the cause. Finally the app GiveWork this app has you answer simple questions to gain points, after you get 5 points a person in need gets 1 tomato, 1 banana, and a small bunch of greens. The more points you gain, the bigger the gifts get.