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Monday, April 4, 2011


Here's a great way to help reduce waste! If you like to eat anything that has a lid like applesauce, this is a great tip for you. Instead of using some plastic spoon to eat those little applesauce containers (see below) you can turn it's lid into a spoon. This is just a small way of helping the environment
but every little thing counts! The first thing you absolutely must do is clean the top of the lid!!! This is really important but very quick and easy I recommend cleaning the lid while its still on the applesauce its a lot easier and you don't have to clean the silver part. Then you is take the lid and smash one end together to make a small handle. Then you curve the edges in and leave an area of the lid opposite the handle without the edges curved in and that's your "mouthpiece" and then you have a lid spoon or a loon.


  1. Great idea! Is it safe to eat off the lid?

  2. If you wash the top of the lid it's completely safe.